An important aspect of keeping workplaces safe is ensuring employees are well trained and aware of safety rules. This (sample) animated ‘work at height’ safety video focuses on educating people on the necessary measures to [More]
Kids Learn Safety Tips: What to do when the Robber came – Educational game for kids ♥ Subscribe: Carot stay at home and suddenly he found a Robber, what should he do? In this [More]
Montage of construction site mishaps, for CEE 4100 @ Georgia Tech. By Jamie Mitchell and Patrick Nordmann
Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and the solution to avoiding unpleasant surprises is prevention. Discover an innovative way that teaches kids to improve their safety by preventing accidents and learning the basics of first aid. [More]
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An overview of how to stay safe when sharing the road with heavy trucks
The most important lesson students ever learn in class may be how to survive a campus shooting. Security expert Bill Stanton is showing Inside Edition how using furniture to make a barricade can keep a [More]
Visit for more free videos for children. In this video, small kids can learn all about traffic rules and different traffic signals.
Learn about the ASP test and be prepared for your test day. Find out about ASP exam study resources and practice that is available online. ►ASP study guide: ►ASP flashcards: ►Subscribe to Mometrix [More]
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