This program is designed to assist you in complying with OSHA Regulations. The video will talk about how and why OSHA was created, when they began and some additional information on what they do.
A short history of occupational health and safety in the U.S. from after WWII to OSHA’s creation in 1970. Clipped from the 1979 film, Can’t Take No More, produced and distributed by OSHA, narrated by [More]
In this video, I’ll show you how to skip the 10 hour lectures and get your certificate in ten minutes to save you some time. This bypass will only work on the specific website I’m [More]
OSHA NIGHTMARES COMPILATION ►► The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is there to keep our workers safe on the job. Their sagely advice makes construction sites and jobs safe. And when they see these workers [More]
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Check which questions you got wrong in OSHA by going to your “transcript.” Look for the questions that say “Feedback” on the bottom. OSHA tells you which slides (“pages”) to review to find the correct [More]
This free tutorial from the confined space training professionals at addresses the OSHA definition of a confined space. Understanding this definition is the first step toward determining if any spaces at your workplace are [More]
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Courses and Online Classes on OSHA 501, OSHA 511 and OHSAS 18001. Learn about OSHA 10, 30hour, 40hr and HAZWOPER online training for your standards certification requirements