Occupational health will aim for the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations. The main goal of this program is to provide safety awareness [More]
Labour and social security expert Bunyamin ESEN provides occupational health and safety training by examining sample cases. WHAT SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN AT CONSTRUCTION WORKPLACES? HOW THE ROOT CAUSES OF ACCIDENTS AT WORK TO [More]
World Day for Occupational Health and Safety By: Vicente Montiel Maltez Medicine as art and science has an undeniable commitment to his people and humanity, especially the most vulnerable sectors, as recognized by the General [More]
This is a film about health and safety in the workplace that i made for my college project in animation. I hope you enjoy my film, it took me long enough to make! lol 😛
Santia is one of the leading providers of health, safety and environmental training. The IEMA Associate Certificate covers all the areas of knowledge an individual requires to become an Associate IEMA member. It is designed [More]
We talk to Paul Clyndes about our T989 project (Development of an education programme on the risk from using mobile phones and electronic communication devices in the railway industry). Further information can be found on [More]
Competencies for Hazardous Materials Branch Safety Officer defines the hazardous materials branch safety officer as that person who works within an incident command system (also called an incident management system) to ensure that recognized safe [More]
http://www.safetyincentives.com. Employee recognition programs are the worst types of incentive programs you can implement. Find out why in our free online workshop.
Industrial Training Solutions Offers health and Safety training for everyone and any job because your health and safety is important them.