Confront officer about driving his car on a pedestrian walkway and the officer response was to initiate violence and use of force for compliance. The officer is a new guy on the beat and has [More]
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Oh golly, it’s political correctness GONE MAD. This country’s gone to the dogs it has, I tell ya, I tell ya. FACEBOOK: ————————————————— TWITTER: ——————————————— TUMBLR
CSCS Health & Safety How to start working as a labourer on construction site in UK In this video I am going to show you a lot of important and interesting things about working [More]
With David Mitchell, Jeremy Clarkson and Ross Noble.
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We live in a health and safety crazy world. Every thing you do at school or work has to abide by health and safety, however… there are a few flaws.
For the past few years, we’ve heard anti-fracking activists make emotional arguments about “health and safety” as they push for unworkable distances between well sites and buildings or homes. In Denton, even the elected officials [More]