Labour and social security expert Bunyamin ESEN provides occupational health and safety training by examining sample cases. WHAT SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN AT CONSTRUCTION WORKPLACES? HOW THE ROOT CAUSES OF ACCIDENTS AT WORK TO [More]
World Day for Occupational Health and Safety By: Vicente Montiel Maltez Medicine as art and science has an undeniable commitment to his people and humanity, especially the most vulnerable sectors, as recognized by the General [More]
Nationally recognised certification. Study at your own pace. 45 second TVC by NOTE: This is an example and the offer shown may no longer be available.
Occupational health will aim for the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations. Mostly, the prevention and protection amongst workers of departures from health [More]
Project leader Robyn Pearce explains how these research projects aim to maximise the capacity of fire agencies to respond to bushfires whilst preserving the health and safety of their personnel.
The Northwest Center for Occupational Health & Safety is a NIOSH-funded Education and Resource Center (ERC) serving employers and workers in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. The Northwest Center offers graduate education, supports research, and [More]
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What can we learn from people in occupational health and safety (OHS) about their access to, and use of, OHS research? In this plenary, Institute for Work & Health associate scientist Dwayne Van Eerd discusses [More]
Once again, Trans Canada Pipelines is putting money into local education. Officials from UNBC and Trans Canada were on hand to announce $83,000 in funding to put two dozen students through the Occupational Health and [More]