In this video, you will get guideline on NEBOSH IGC Command Words/Action Words by Mr. Imran Shahbaz (Founder & CEO, PAK Safety Solutions) If you want to get NEBOSH Certificate or Diploma in Pakistan, visit [More]
An overview of Phoenix Health and Safety’s NEBOSH Distance Learning programme, including NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma courses.
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NEBOSH exam tips & hints for Health & Safety professionals by Mr. Imran Shahbaz (CEO & Principal HSE Consultant, PAK Safety Solutions, Pakistan) Read more → For more NEBOSH Health & Safety videos, visit [More]
Dr Riggs introduces an exam question for Element 7. This video is designed to compliment Element 7 — Chemical and biological health hazards and risk controls. If you have found this video useful, please like [More]
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NEBOSH IGC Episode 1 NEBOSH IGC Episode 2 NEBOSH IGC Episode 3 NEBOSH IGC Episode 4 NEBOSH IGC Episode 5 NEBOSH IGC Episode 6 NEBOSH IGC Episode 7 [More]
This is an example NEBOSH International General Certificate question and proposed answer from Module 1 of the NEBOSH IGC1. This video is intended to give candidates an understanding of how to approach NEBOSH questions. More [More]
For more information , Contact us now or email us at We want you to know that NEBOSH is one of the qualifications that you need to get ahead in the safety industry. [More]