Build Your Own Trauma Kit

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I wanted to put a video together for people looking to put together their trauma kit. I go over the items you may want to consider when building your own trauma kit. You can check out my website for the supplies or buy a complete trauma kit.

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PreacherJimC says:

Just as a safety issue, if you are not trained & certified to use these types of advanced care instruments please do not even have them. I'm a national licensed Paramedic and in most states if you are not licensed to carry these items you can be held criminally liable if your using them. Also just because you are or were a medic in the Military still does not allow you to uses these items in a civilian setting. Unless you are state or nationally licensed as an Paramedic training in advanced cardiac life support care.

Adam shinny77 says:

Wrap duct tape around an old credit card.

5353project says:

Have you tried the STAT Tourniquet? They're made like a ZipTie. Pretty new to the market.

DCavalcade says:

I just ordered two Halo chest seals from your site. Thanks!

David Loss says:

witch do you prefer the combat gauze or the celox?

Poppy 926 says:

I like to keep more advanced item in my kit for someone more advanced than myself. I’m a former EMT (long expired, looong expired), You never know who might be standing next to you at any given time.

Landeros Baudelio says:

I live in a rural area and, I prefer to carry for more then just trauma.

Landeros Baudelio says:

I've seen alot of trauma kits on my friends but I've yet to see an trauma kit with the ability to treat heart attacks and or anxiety after a active shooter.

Grumpy Old Man says:

great video!

Not a Cop says:

Thank you for all that you do sir

Dan Shim says:

Took all of your advise except added a flask of moonshine for pain management lol. Thanks for the videos. Subbed aswell.

UNIDEN2211 says:

great vid, thanks for sharing.

Андрей Василевский says:

Thanks for your video!

Suzette Webber says:

Thank you!! I'm trying to put a good medical kit for my truck and bug-out bag. Great information, new sub.

John Hurt says:

Hey SkinnyMedic or anyone else can you recommend me a good pen light to check eyes. I need a good dim one for checking eyes.

kamui1001 says:

Any thoughts on a budget "Range Kit"?? I've got a fair idea but would really like your input..

Natalie Quinn Fan says:

Thanks because I am making a bob

Yvonne Griffith says:

I just found your channel. I just subbed too. Thank you!!! God Bless You!!!

Ross Currie says:

I've been in the military for almost 17 years and have been through countless self aid and buddy care medical classes and honestly you have explained stuff in more detail in this 12 minute video than I've learned in the 2-3 hrs classes. Keep the videos coming.

Scott Lilly says:

Great work! Great info! Thank you so much!

Aces & eights AZ Gunsmith says:

Do you have a list for this

ScottyM1959 says:

great advice here these aren't close to the first aid kit that I use to keep in my trunk wen I was an EMT. Thanks for the video!

TexasRob28 says:

is it possible for me to build a trauma kit to fit in my cargo pocket of my work pants?

antz dagz says:

seeking your recommendation to attend ETB training, I am a paramedic by profession but wanted to be an ETB trainor. Appreciate a reply from you.

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