Rescue Drill (Confined Space)

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A rescue drill conducted at a well known Barossa Winery in August, 2013 after completing Confined Space, SCBA & Rescue training with MSS Safety

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ohhh the head… of patient, becareful….on the sked…

Casey Johnston says:

Yep. The people making comment pretty much nailed it. I hope some learnings were taken away from this scenario.

J M says:

Why didn't they place an air supplied respirator on the victim first? just asking

pavan kumar says:

Improper usage of PPE's such as chin strap, no hand gloves, harness not hooked up in some scenes.

tubeyourself says:

Appreciate the video guys… Anybody have any good resources for engulfment procedures for the United States?

Eddie Cutrell says:

Type in – Demonstration of The Portable Davit

William J McCartan says:

I did like the video, it had a few issues, already mentioned, and for most of us watching we understand if someone were in the victims position they would probably have already bled out. I think that as part of the operation of this rescue scenario the rescuer's could have provided first aid to stop the fictitious bleeding, there was no communication with the victim in this incident, regardless of whether this individual is conscious positive outcome scenarios, should have been verbalized in the operation. The area where the retrieval system was set up was a little to busy, while the rescuer's are in motion whoever might be the top man should definitely be taking up the slack in their safety lines, and the are where they first reached the victim, they moved the ladder out of the way but not far enough which could have caused an injury to the rescuer. Pre-planning of this event should have included the rescuers establishing where they would be moving during this scenario so they would cross safety lines and end up tripping over each other. This is a good tool that I will use when addressing confined space rescue operations and pre-planning. Thank you to the makers of the video.

mycarpounds says:

My only issue is… with confined space in practical use.. there isnt daylight. Its much harder in blackness. usually confined space ticket comes with tank rescue ticket. and to get that ticket have fun in the tank. That was Alberta regulations for oil-field work.. besides GODI, H2S, Industrial first-Aid n shit.

jAyHanCe says:

lots if manual handling and no gloves worn 😕😨. safety 1st guys guard those digits👐

محمد فؤاد says:

sorry about my comment ( unsafe rescue operation specially for victims )

Blake Hess says:

Thanks for sharing. However, shouldn't all facial hair be removed below the upper lip if any respiratory equipment is being worn so that the rubber/silicone gasket seals properly to the skin?

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