Volvo Bases Crash Predictions on Real Car Accident Reports

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A new research model, developed by Volvo Cars, uses real accident reports to predict the chain of events that occur before and during a collision.


Bjoern Tiedemann says:

@worcesterawarrior no, those are real life crashes, not set up. All Volvos there because volvo does the investigations themselves.

tramvaj12 says:

@AGWDanimations or what speed are you using as well

tramvaj12 says:

@ChrisBennett18 And what is problem with that? You would like to crash someone and if nothing damage car a little at least?

svampae says:

thats in sweden!! =)=) XD

bennox82 says:

so what? if you hit the brake while on the gas the car stops fuel and it brakes, try that

Oskedud says:

that was in Sweden 🙂

WeAllGonnaDieAlive says:

its funny cause volvo has done that since 1964.. People that worked with that back in time use to say that it was not very pleasent back then, because it were often the car were total demolated so it was not much to look on ^^

ChrisBennett18 says:

well ok well i still dont like it though it will feel weird

ChrisBennett18 says:

its ok well i dont trust those systems they put it for breaking for you because i might be scared though because i could still be hitting the gas while its hitting the break at the same time

ChrisBennett18 says:

i was being sarcastic

ChrisBennett18 says:

hmmm crashing into a car and pay for the damages

ChrisBennett18 says:

yeah but when they put in that breaking system that cause it to brake automatically i be scared to drive it

ChrisBennett18 says:

Volvo is not safe they are making were if u get to close to a car it brakes for you witch i dont like and it makes me not trust the car how it drives

John Åkerblom says:

bengt lökensgård is my father thats from sweden 😀

sfrediani says:

all the people who say the crashes are because they are volvo's obviously don't understand that it is a volvo experiment and the crashes are set up anyway. not really a surprise that the cars are volvos is it if the experiment is by volvo really…

anilingus says:

You never know if they have kidnapped someone.

tobbilini says:

volvo has te most advancet crash testin center in the worl here in sweden. so they have a very good way to make there cars the best in safty.

VancouverCanucksRock says:

um so did they have to make sure there wasn't a body in the trunk? lol

Lena Larsen says:

They are the safest cars if you know how to drive.

johan braun says:

haha jag håller med candar85

shifty2k5 says:

"The west"? It's from fucking sweden

mrp92a says:

Greenpeace is a profit organization.

Soundcorp says:

This is NOT anything unique for Volvo… Both Volvo and SAAB have the same type of research and so have our Swedish ensurancecompanies… Welcome to Sweden.

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