Bomaderry Creek Flying-Fox colony heat stress incident. Warning, graphic footage

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On Tuesday January 8th 2013, the Bomaderry Creek flying fox colony near Nowra went down to heat stress during record breaking temperatures of 40 plus degrees. Thousands of dead babies were under the trees in piles on the ground.
Local wildlife carers mobilised to rescue and care for the survivors.
Visit the following site if you’d like to help. Various artists have donated their batty work to raise money.


highonimmi says:

i sent you an Australian c note. i put in the message box: for megabattie <3

keep up the fight!!!!

from the American Midwest (Nebraska)

Victoria Wolf says:

this is so so so sad..

Rosemary Mccloud says:

Poor babies exhausted!ROSE

sara michelle boehm says:

so sad. what a waste of animals….boo hoo

DrKate L. says:

I know this happened nearly five years ago but I just watched the video. It was tough to watch for sure—horrible. May this year not deliver a major stress event.

Rebecca Gage says:

How utterly sad!

Yvi Winchester says:

ohhh noooooo, this is so so sad and it breaks my heart to see all those cute Lil flying foxes hanging/laying there all dead 😢😢😢

Deep Space says:

Mother Nature is not a lovey dovey, incense-smelling hippie chick. She can be a hardcore bitch. Such is the Way of Life, here on Planet Earth. I just watched 2 hours of animal footage clips of animals violently killing other animals & eating them. People do it too. Humans are animals too… Now I have to feed my cat & make a cheeseburger. Cheers!

Ann Harwood says:

this just breaks my heart… thank you for saving what you could.

Friend Zoned says:

Id like to donate! How do i do it?

Friend Zoned says:

Poor babies 😭

PandaManiacLP says:

Oh god, these poor pups…

Tracy Johnston says:

How terrible. Poor little things,

Diane G says:

Heartbreaking, thank you so much for caring for the them

Art Classes My Way says:

You guys did Gods work that day

Lyllies says:

I live in Panama, I would love to donate. How? email is

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