Walmart’s Food Safety Solution Built on the IBM Blockchain Platform

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Frank Yiannas, Walmart’s Vice President of Food Safety, explains how Walmart can track food products through its supply chain using the IBM Blockchain Platform. To learn more, visit

What is Blockchain?:
Learn More About IBM Blockchain Platform:


Chris Levick says:

Very impressive technology with so many positive applications. Great stuff.




No longer farm to table food will be cloud to client

Rob Franzo says:

BaaS the platform for trust, transparency and responsible steweardship!

Read White Papers says:

This is one of the main reasons I love blockchain; transparency. 

In this case, blockchain transparency brings knowledge, efficiency and most importantly…safety.  Blockchain does this almost instantly.  

I already wonder how we got by without it.

I'll be following your progress with great interest Walmart and IBM.

Bipin Kumar says:

I believe this is the future – . Seems we have to combine the IOT with Block Chain and bring the better visibility on the Selling goods(in its life span ) for all participants .
Over all it will give the
– Trust in the Manufacturing
– Trust in the Stock Availability
– Trust & Visibility in the Logistics

Noom says:

Blockchain tech will change the world 🙂

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