First Aid Kit – Ghost Town

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The official video for “Ghost Town”, directed by Mats Udd.

“Ghost Town” is the third single off our debut LP “The Big Black & The Blue”, and is released 28th September, 2010. We hope you enjoy!

Director: Mats Udd
D.O.P & Grading: Johannes Helje
Producer: Mats Udd, Johannes Helje & Jagadamba Records
Camera assistant: Adrian Wigerdal
Steadycam operator: Néstor Salazar
Editor: Anton Skott
Makeup: Elin Sunnert
Assistant to the set: Viktor Grahn & Anna Söderberg

The film First Aid Kit watching is Fågel from 2003 dir by Mats Udd, Daniel Hedman and Fredrik Olsson and can be seeing here:


Gegoy Gegoy says:

Two lovely beautifull girl singing like 👼 Angels in a meadow ,
so cute and famous ,just love to listen to them sing all day
makes me think of Russia😍😍😍😇😇😇

Leszek König says:

Ja jestem raczej wizjonerem. Ale i tak dobrze przekłada się to na emocje, także raczej.

JM says:

first i heard of them was on jools holland singing silver lining.

Jo Kelly says:

I just found these via Emmy Lou Harris…beautiful songs and arrangements

Clarissa Vazquez says:

I posted "Dance in the Graveyards" by Delta Rae to my Facebook page. My cousin saw/listened to it and highly recommended I listen to this song. I. LOVE. IT!!! It's a beautiful homage! <3



Jacob Lilly says:

Does anyone know if I can buy these girls on CD??

average _ outcaster says:

I in all honesty forgot about this band and I was looking through my notebook of bands and songs. They came up after looking up some other people and I'm so happy they popped up. This is my all time favorite song by them.

Animotion Designs says:

Stupid in love with these girls 😚

David Quin says:

so inspiring…..

Kristiano Ronalto says:

unfortunally he died by suicide twenty years ago. He won't came back to me.

Trev Mac says:

visually so much better than a Beyonce or gaga video or a bunch of guy's with no shirts driving around in silly over priced cars wearing ear rings bigger than their ego's..although in this video they do remind me a little of the two girls in The Shining

Geronimo Ducati says:

wunderfull song keep on going girls like your music

Cara Lama says:

Wolf was the first song I heard that I fell in love with and can't stop playing, each album I hear just draws me in deeper & deeper, these girls are just spirit & soul in its entirety! Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ them and this beautiful sound – thank you 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️🦋

Marcos Fernandes says:

Beautiful song, beautiful voice!

Cat From The Future says:

When you hear a song that is basically an exact copy of what's in your heart and mind.

Imakaze says:

I've cryed so many times with this song….. fuck you, First Aid Kid, you're memorable ;'(… xD.

Please, come to Spain some day! I'd love to hear you in person :3

Bjørn Wike says:


bizz le says:

sooooo gooooood,

Kristiano Ronalto says:

I discovered their music by an advertisment of – 'Renault'-cars, I think. I didn't buy a 'Renault', but I HAVE GOT THEM!!!

ProsecutorGodot says:

I always thought Klara was the older one. I just looked them up today, and found out it was the other way around.
Another fun fact: They became famous from a cover of a Fleet Foxes song.

Scott Strand says:

First Aid Kit can take us to another dimension where hope and soulful beauty reign supreme. This form of positive beauty, even when melancholy, is so badly needed in this broken world now!

Tomáš Sobocký says:

OMG I love you!!

Psycho Son says:

whos listening in 2017 ??

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