Work at Height Safety Tips

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An important aspect of keeping workplaces safe is ensuring employees are well trained and aware of safety rules. This (sample) animated ‘work at height’ safety video focuses on educating people on the necessary measures to be taken during work at height activities.

Work at height hazards involving mobile scaffolds create unique challenges for safety teams. Work-forces engaged in this work are largely semi-literate. Their ability to retain safety information (especially regarding hazards & precautions) is weak. Under such circumstances, safety teams need to ensure that all safety best practices are communicated to them in a manner that is understood by them comprehensively.

Traditional methods of work at height training are proving to be redundant. Fresh technologies (3D animation) have made trainings more cohesive and collaborative, thereby, allowing better retention of information. Animation movies have proved to be a game changing tool for bringing about behavioral change that results in safer work practices. Such tools are now extensively used for creating highly impactful awareness on work at height hazards.

The sample broadcasted here is a prime example of how animated movies will assist in breeding ‘work at height safety’.

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