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Drowning Lizard Gets CPR From Kind Woman | This little lizard was drowning in a pool — so this woman did whatever it took to save him.

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Credit: Amy Hooks via JukinVideo (https://www.jukinmedia.com/)

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Emma Do says:

Even little lives and things matter…I learned that now

Link01280 says:

This is a nice deel good video your a great person for saving its life

Javier Garcia says:

It's nice that there are such nice people who will take the time to revive little animals in this state.

Eevee Lover says:

That woman was me a lizard was suffocated in my moms bed, I caught him and went to my room. Of corse mouth to mouth with a noddle. After, He was alive. He was just a baby, and I kept him. He passed away, I still miss you Lucas.

Quillen Family says:

That's a skink

SophiaWalsh says:

We need more people like this in our world

Wolvarenis_ Random says:

I was expecting someone kissing it.

Mimi Jmi says:

:') wow.

Sketchy Bots says:

When he starts breathing *circle of life plays in background * ahhhhhhhhhhh

Magikjim says:

Such a cute little lizard :')

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