Pass Your Driving Test: Traffic signs, etc.

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Pass Your Driving Test: Traffic signs, etc.

Pass Your Driving Test — a DVD from Gerry Brennan School of Motoring that can help you to pass your driving test in the United Kingdom, first time.

Directed by Iain McGuinness.

The director asserts the moral right to be identified as the director of this work.


gary63693 says:

Well, i got all those road signs wrong, can i get my licence now?

Md Naeem says:

India verry verry Best India mdnaeem

Shafqat Ali says:

every time will same questions?

Jon'Athan says:

traffic lights everywhere on crossroad in UK 😀

Jess Coles-Brady says:

Thanks for the video, really helped!

BB girl says:

Whoe that street mind fucked me xD

F Wagstaff says:

Youtube is not just american fuck tard.

AsboJunior says:

looks like your an un – educated fucked up American who is probaley on crack.

jetbo bojet says:

me to taking driving test

Jorma Tevajärvi says:

traffic laws..I thought we took everything into consideration.**

Alexhimself says:

weird because the richest man in the world is a Mexican. and you don't know anything about your own government… thanks for ruining our country asshole!

Alexhimself says:

what a DOUCHE BAG. a year later and daddy couldn't remove the comment; you sir, are a liar

Barbiee Twinzz says:

this isnt a canadian thing some of this i dont get cause in canada idk the sighs r some what alike but makes no sence to me im in the wrong page lol

southcentraltimes says:

Good luck annie8nicole 🙂


annie foxy says:

aaaa love the accent didnt really understand anything but love it ;p .. driving test tomorrow wish me luck ppl ;p

annie foxy says:

mine is tomorrow aswel :/

Reji says:

2007 bastard

kobeb365 says:

@peibull1st good god you can't even spell bad

CmdrTobs says:

"it was bill gates and steve jobs who created the internet" – lol, this guy is trolling hard. You automatically loose by feeding him.

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