United Airlines 232 crash reports – Amazing pilot!!

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2 news reports covering the brave crew of United Airlines 232, a DC10 that lost the number 2 engine causing complete hydraulic failure. 111 people died in the crash but because of the efforts of flight crew, 185 survived.

Apologies in that I refer to the failure as related to the fan blade, but is was in the disk.

Many have commented that Dennis Fitch was not mentioned in the reports. That is because these two news reports are from the day of the crash – the role that Dennis played in saving the aircraft did not become apparent until some days and weeks after the crash. He along with Captain Al Haynes, First Officer William Records and Second Officer Dudley Dvorak performed amazingly on that day, saving many, many lives.


ygg drasil says:

Amazing pilot

Tom says:

I had to deal with a failed engine once as pilot flying.

Captain accudentally shit it down…

What a dick.

Gianfranco Dy says:

The JAL123 of America… does anyone agree?

IceHax says:


Maggie Foster says:

Pilot had some serious skill to make that (crash) landing. Impressive!
I just finished the episode of 'I Survived' that told the story of this crash in the words of the people who were in it.
It's remarkable that so many people made it out alive.

John Wymer says:

That should be made into a movie. The attitude of the pilots was commendable but to be able to control the plane, even marginally, bring it down, and still have that many survivors is unheard of at best and beyond the skill of most of today's pilots. Respect is definitely earned and given 100%

manav says:

this pilot literally laughs to death wow..


RIP Al Haynes. You did an amazing job that day that saved the lives of many people

Chris Saindon says:

Never ceases to amaze me..that DC-10 was technically finished and they just said NO. Literally told the odds to go to HELL, and saved people because of it.

Buffalo Pete says:

the ultimate plane crash.

Buffalo Pete says:

the ultimate plane crash.

pippetto888 says:

2:36 epic!

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