How to Pipeline [Part 2: Safety Meeting]

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This is my guide on how to have a safe day on the fuckin’ pipeline. Basically, it’s really easy to to have a safe day on the fuckin’ pipeline, all you gotta do is follow these simple fuckin, steps, and you can have a safe day on the pipeline too.

Recorded in Fort McMurray, Alberta


TheBCSledder says:

I could stop laughing at the driving part hahaha holy shit.

angelcakedavis says:

more videos please! 🙂 
i just showed these to my classmates (welders)

Brendan Hockey says:

Man make some more videos!! These are awesome!

Michael Collinsworth says:

Fuckin canadians lol

iw63boomer says:

Thank you for posting one of the most informative and easy to understand videos on pipe line welding/working that I have ever seen!  Your descriptions are accurate and delivered in such a way that anyone can easily understand what you are describing!  From your description, I can almost SEE the pipeline and experience the work for myself!  I love the detail of the video, and especially enjoy the fellow in the back eating a sandwich.  REAL LIFE AT ITS BEST!!

Preston Belcourt says:

Hahahahahahaha. Fucking loser goof. Fuck your grammer at least I don't act stunned n loserish like you. Get real. Fag.

Jägerbomb says:

Your an embarrassment to pipelining. Only clowns act like you. Your a goof shut up.

Jerry Mendez says:

You got to be Hard As Fuck to be Hard As Fuck u got to slay 8 bald eagles in Mount Mordor

Matthew Meister says:

zigg ziggler was that with Beaumont?

Matthew Meister says:

fired as fuck…

hardasfuckbaby says:

Nope. I didn't. I got promoted and became a spokesman for Meth. You should try it.

hardasfuckbaby says:

HAHA yeah I have seen that. Very well done.

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