Precious Time – The Cody McNolty story

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This video documents the story of Cody McNolty, a confined space rescue that goes tragically wrong. It was created to raise awareness among employers and workers about the importance of adequate health and safety training, and safe work procedures for entering confined spaces. (9 min 35 s)


Mikmaq Warrior says:

There was a liner that been idoling all nite at the docks which let to the death. Cause unknown to them there was a pipe leading to that confined space that lead to the boat. co2 had been going through the pipe all nite before them going into the confined space which let to the death of MR McNolty

Ken Faverty says:

wheres the scba, attendant, gas monitor……..etc?

20point9 Ltd says:

Great video, shows the importance of a pre-entry check with a multi-gas detector and attached to any personnel whilst working in any confined space

J Allen says:

I had to find out more information on this story bc the video left a lot of gaps and questions that weren't answersed. I think it's misleading and deceptive to attribute this to confined spaces alone without also explaining why the men collapsed. So I read up on the story and there wasn't any chemicals or gasses down in the compartment that immobilized the workers. According to their analysis, the compartment which had been sealed for 3 years was rusting and since there was no ventilation or no proper ventilation, the rusting process used up the oxygen inside the compartment bringing the concentration down to less than 16%. The other compartments were ventilated and when tested they showed an O2 concentration of 20.9-21% which would not have impaired the workers had they been in any other confined space on the barge. If something had happened to father in another compartment, the son would have been adequately able to go for help but because there's was little oxygen and he stayed with his father so long, each breath he took brought him close to passing out. So that is the reason his father died and the workers passed out. It wasn't chemicals or gasses, it was lack of oxygen due to the poor or lack of ventilation of a rusting compartment that consumed the available oxygen while it was sealed.

Craig Munnoch says:

The video was filmed in an apparently new space. Brand new metal, grease pencil markings on the bulkheads. The video filmed above deck is dirty  and greasy. The problem would be H2S or Hydrogen Sulfide gas. The compartment would have contaminated water in it. H2S dissolves readily in cold water.  It is heavy, and sits on top of the water. Simply walking through it would release the gas out of the cold water. Warming the water releases the gas as well. The father may have slipped or tripped and fallen into the water, overcome by the gas. First man down. The son entered the compartment, stirring up more water releasing more H2S. At the level of his father's chest was over come by the gas. Second man down. Each would walk through the water stirring up and releasing more H2S, thus having a shorter walk. Third and fourth man down. The ones who survived are lucky to be alive! A four-gas gas detector would be the answer, along with proper training.

yamsi12 says:

They loved each other so much they died. Touching.

Adam Raygor says:

The safety director at my job told us that we should watch this, but also said that she couldn't show us due to language. (my work place had a no swearing policy). I'm glad I looked this up and wish that we were able to show this at work. It really nails what NOT to do.

UndeadNinja says:

Wow I have my confined space ticket and I never fucking go underground or into any confined space without sending in my oxygen tester by ITSELF first.

MSS Administration says:

An excellent depiction of how seemingly innocent locations, places people have been working in many times before without a problem, can become deadly. Simple oxidisation in enclosed and partially enclosed spaces is something easily overlooked.
Well Done Worksafe BC.

Kim Hedges says:

Wow, what a great safety film.

benzorabidbilly says:

If they fail to watch this because they are too dainty then I guess that would be Darwin at work.

Joan Stradley says:

This is a very hard-hitting video. It is the best I have ever seen to drive home the importance of safety in confined spaces. I am not offended by foul language, but if you plan to expand your audience you will have to drop the four letter expletives. I like your approach because it is real, but some people would be so focused on the bad language that they would fail to get the message you are trying to get across.

jcsii says:

Compassion kills. Great video Hantonyshaw.

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