Dash cam video of assault on Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Anthony Morgan

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A Kalamazoo Public Safety officer was treated for minor injuries after he was assaulted by a crowd while making an arrest Tuesday evening, police said.
Officer Anthony Morgan stopped a vehicle at the corner of Hotop and Gilbert avenues in the Eastside neighborhood of Kalamazoo, Michigan, when a passenger, who had outstanding warrants, refused to get out of the vehicle, according to a press release from the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.


PyramidHead138 says:

audios too muffled for me

Devon Jamesmuhammad says:

I believe in civil rights and constitutional rights but i would have shot the shit out of their asses.

Polpot 343 says:

Black People have been oppressed for so long and worn down it has to be a drag being black unless you become the House niggah you still can’t be a fireman

KingPaso says:

I would exercised every clip I had…..

onemessenjah says:

Should've called for backup first

jose bermudez says:

Nigers are shit

Jay Taber says:

Fucking niggers are animals, you would NEVER see a group of white kids acting like this, because most white kids have two parent homes, who aren't crack heads and they go to school

thischannel says:

because black lives matter

TL Andrews says:

Wtf pull your pants up nigga douchebag

TL Andrews says:

White cops need to get there and tase those fucking out of work monkey's. They treat their fellow black like racists

BASEBALL bat says:

This is what happens when you try to arrest the neighborhood drug dealer. All the crackheads want to jump in to help him get away.

Eyezfulloflove says:

Pow-lice always wins, bitch azz niggaz!

Fight Central says:

Actually that officer is wrong,the passenger doesnt have to give them there name,lol

Rebecca Bradford says:

Put yourself in this police officers position. He obviously found something this punk had. Probably crack or cocaine. The cop has a job to do. To arrest the offender. What do all these people who are against cops think he should do? Tell the offender ok I'm letting you off. Obviously he had hard drugs which he didn't want to give up.

AltoAnimal109 Ball says:

bad behavior by these ignorant morons is why the police are getting to be the way that they are towards everyone anymore

BiG JuiCe says:

When all the porch monkey's come out the tree's!

David Phillips says:

the level of ignorance and Stupidity is phenomenal and overwhelming

art k says:

any houses for sale in that part of town

Omar Dixon says:

they should've busted that pigs grapefruit

ncbible15 says:

Thugs. Like roaches!

shawn billig says:

and they wounder white people think of them the way they do

Jim Kaddell says:

I guess nobody works they are coming from every where!

1775 says:

Lol, primate party… only in the USA.

Tim Overture says:

you act like an animal you get treated like an animal. every person in this video except the police officer acted like a bunch of monkeys at a zoo

Tanner Vogan says:

must have been during a weekend or holiday cause nobody is at work.

abcdefghijklmnop says:

Previous warrants, that's why it all escalated. I know if I have warrants out I don't go sitting around on the side of a public street illegally.

abcdefghijklmnop says:

Next time, wait for back up. Don't have to be from Kalamazoo to figure that one out. Any hood in any city. It's pretty typical for them here as is everywhere else I've visited to park wherever, block store aisles, cut in lines, act like the world revolves around them, blast their music, play ball in the streets, peel out in their cars, disobey traffic lights and signs, harass store owners, light fireworks and shoot off guns in the middle of the night. I hate to say it but my liberal side is fading fast. If you don't want to assimilate to a certain extent, than no, you won't get the same treatment and opportunity as the reast of us. Get with the program or suffer.

abcdefghijklmnop says:

@ 4:45 dude in the white t-shirt grabs something out of the passenger side and pockets it with his right hand. I've heard of ground scores but that takes the cake.

Ton says:

Theyz gotta stop messin wit us. I'm gonna call RayRay, Big Steve, Tyrone, Sheniqua, Little Puppet, Jamal, and ShayShay to beat yo ass.

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