Construction Safety – Funny ladder setup

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Funny ladder setup


The Truth says:

Looks like these guys just jumped the fence yesterday.

74dartman says:

music sucks

rccarmadben says:

all those moaning about how bad the music be pleases it wasnt the themetune of youtube

sarb900 says:

whoever put this video for this fucking music should go to hell

massie gillian says:

@farfuckinout lol thats whatim saying its a bad ass song and band but does not go wythladderss… -__-

farfuckinout says:

…even though it doesn't go w/ the video at all lol

farfuckinout says:

stfu music was badass

dargisimo says:

mute after first 2 sec

Jerseyhighlander says:

WTF is with the [music]?

gordon mcwattie says:

@SeabeeBuilder1973 as someone who does stuff like this all the time, we know how to not get caught by people like you

Gumboot Zone says:

The name of the song is "Grroough rriii owwu aurrrgh"

hardy says:

is this suppose to be music ? ! ?

SeabeeBuilder1973 says:

As some one that is in charge of safety in my Navy Seabee unit, the folks in this video would get the ass chewing of their lives if I were to see all this stupidity.

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