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Workplace Safety Training

Are you looking for Safety Training? Look no further than the National Association Of Safety Professionals.

Attaining a prestigious and internationally recognized workplace safety training certification from NASP indicates to employers, peers, and students that you have met rigorous training and examination requirements. The benefits of a professional certification through the NASP are numerous. Workplace Safety Training & Certification provides a strong competitive advantage that creates new employment and compensation opportunities. It also demonstrates your mastery of workplace safety knowledge, skills, and abilities through proven training and stringent evaluation. And most importantly, it signifies to customers, competitors, and governmental agencies that you have been trained and tested by a proven and reputable organization in the workplace safety community.

We offer multiple levels of professional certifications, including the Certified SafetyManager, our premier foundational certification. In this course, you will not only learn advanced OSHA compliance, but you will also discover what it means to create a true safe work environment, which ultimately leads to less injuries, higher worker morale, less citations and fines by regulatory agencies and lower insurance premiums. In addition, NASP offers advanced certifications including the Certified Safety Director as well as the Licensed Safety Professional.


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