Introduction to OSHA Video

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This program is designed to assist you in complying with OSHA Regulations. The video will talk about how and why OSHA was created, when they began and some additional information on what they do.


93xZam says:

I like his voice!

priscilla cisneros says:

Great Video. I am an cosmetology instructor and love information videos like these to help students become more informed about federal agencies. As a cosmetologist I only have positive experience with OSHA.

cloma clim says:

Companies are in business for one reason only to make as much money as possible

Charles Wilson says:

How do you expect people to want to comply with OSHA standards when you have all these jerks on LinkedIn safety groups telling you not to?

Do NOT call OSHA on your employer for unsafe work conditions. Do NOT barricade under crane suspended loads. OSHA CANNOT do inspections or enter your property without a warrant.

Fernando Vargas says:

Is there any plans to translate this video to Spanish? Thanks.

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