Patriot Nurse’s Vehicle Trauma Bag!

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What should you include in a trauma kit for gunshot wounds, car crashes, general nasty stuff? We go over tourniquets, guaze, hemostatic agents, and much more!
CAT Tourniquet:
NPA Airway:
Trauma Dressing:
Chest Seal:
Pulse Oximeter:


ARenaissanceishMan says:

Bobby Labonte 18 woo thats thrown it back, yee yee!

Kerry Rimildi says:

Wow this is the most informative video I have seen on medical bags yet. Thank you.former emt

TonydlP650 says:

beautiful and smart

BelligerentTruth says:

I've saved two lives with the SOFTT. One was an amputation of the lower leg, the other had multiple lacerations to an arm with an arterial bleed. The arterial bleed was followed up (after the tourniquet was applied) with an Olaes bandage and manual pressure.

OfficialEpik says:

Very handy! But I bet that kit's very expensive.

Capt Sam Wilson says:

Just bought 2 CATs off Amazon for $16.88 shipped….. I need recommendations on airways.. My kit is for gunshot and vehicle crash trauma… (ex Medic)

Keiko FX Designs says:

Awesome gear!

Alison Tellulater says:

Hi, where did you get the bag??

Jason Francis says:

Immediate like and subscribe….

keenan walker says:

Beautiful and smart perfect match

Oscar Ybarra says:

You have the worst medical kit ever

Brian Amigo says:

Nice Vid. Where did you get that backpack?

Xavier Sotelo says:

patriot nurse you're awesome! SUBSCRIIIIIBE.

Finkelroy says:

Mine is a fraction of the size of yours. It contains a tourniquet, Hyfin chest seal, clotting sponge, combat dressing, a variety of gauzes and tape, scissors, scalpel, Cricothyrotomy kit, 14ga catheter, scissors, a couple of hemostats. It all fits into a 6"x8"x4" MOLLE pouch and is easy to carry just about anywhere. I also have an additional First Aid bag that is about 12"x6"x5" stuffed full of additional general first aid supplies as well as basic surgical instruments and suture kits. You just never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in where going to a hospital is not an option. I am always studying…
I am at the point where I am wondering how I can get a supply of vital medicines…

VAMobMember says:

ACE bandage, ABD pads, roll gauze Hemostatic Agent will do most everything most of us can legally do without special. Certification. Of course CAT-T is nice and I left out gloves.

John Ronin says:

damn she is beautiful 😍

Tiffany K says:

You have this in your trunk in case you 'roll up' on something- and what protocol are you using to treat these patients? Especially one that allows puncturing a tongue with a safety pin?

sammy 72qq309 says:

thank you ( tpn ) very helpful your the best, great info, stay blessed …  peace an love from California. 🙂

Gunnar R. says:

What kind of bag is the first one?

Travis David says:

Kudos to being prepared, but your prepared in all the wrong ways. This is reality, not the battlefield. Also, I can't see someone taking on so much legal liability.

nucleardubs says:

Always keep a blanket or two in your kit! Nothing in this nurse's kit would have saved the biker I found on the side of the road. He had been run-off the road by a car and had slid along the curb until his leg hit a signpost. When I cut his pant-leg off, I could see all the skin was ripped-off of his upper left leg, posterior and scrotum. There were multiple bone fragments protruding from the mess and a pool of dark arterial blood under it but nowhere to put a tourniquet. I used a cotton blanket wrapped around his leg as a huge dressing and a wooden windshield ice scraper rolled-up in the blanket for tension to keep even pressure on the wound until the ambulance arrived. Fortunately, the man survived.

david tanguma says:

Paramedic training at best for all that stuff or EMT with special skills and plenty of experience in using all that stuff.

Nick C says:

Hey Patriot nurse, can I pack dirt like in that movie Lone Survivor, or drive a big needle of through the heart like in the movie "The Rock" for VX poisoning?

Jarid Ramos says:

what are your thoughts on making iv solution?

ChiefPrepper says:

the pulse oximeter you shared the link for says it's not for medical use. why? seems like its for medical use to me. lol. Take Care and Be Aware.

Mike Hagarty says:

What is an 18 Delta? Great video! Thanks!

Albert Woodward says:

nice use of buzz words that went over everyone's head. we get it she's a medical genius

Mark Lankford says:

You should add a needle cric kit sense you already carry a bvm. You would just need the adapter to a 3.0 ETT.

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