What are the HAZWOPER Regulations?

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HAZWOPER TRAINING: Do the job safely and intelligently! If you are going to send someone to evaluate or control an emergency involving hazardous materials, that person must receive training to do the job safely and intelligently.

In Standard 472, the National Fire Protection Association recommends that hazmat responders receive the appropriate training for each of the following four levels:

First Responder Awareness Level
First Responder Operations Level
Hazardous Materials Technician
Hazardous Materials Specialist

Hazmat Team should be trained to the “Hazardous Materials Technician” level defined by NFPA Standard 472. In addition to the NFPA standard, OSHA’s Worker Protection Standards, found in 29 CFR 1910.120, require levels of training, medical surveillance, personal protective equipment, and emergency response plans (including the use of a site-specific incident command system). According to 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6): HAZWOPER training shall be based on the duties and function to be performed by each responder of an emergency response organization. The skill and knowledge levels required for all new responders, those hired after the effective date of this standard, shall be conveyed to them through training before they are permitted to take part in actual emergency) operations on an incident. Employees who participate, or are expected to participate, in emergency response, shall be given training….

EPA has issued regulations with the same requirements for hazardous materials responses in states not covered by OSHA regulations. These standards are now required for everyone responding to hazardous materials incidents.


Suzanne Cluff says:

Has anyone researched how up to date the info in this video is? Anyone who can refer me to a good YouTube channel for Hazmat awareness & Operations for first responders, I would greatly appreciate it.

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this looks like 1980s

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How up to date is the material presented here?

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