Construction Safety Tips

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Montage of construction site mishaps, for CEE 4100 @ Georgia Tech.

By Jamie Mitchell and Patrick Nordmann


Walsh Built Homes says:

Figured you safety guys might want to check this one out. This new safety invention actually increases production when used!

Damoskinos says:

I have always hated that F*****g tune

Doyle Raizner LLP says:

Proper training, situational awareness, and use of proper safety equipment are great ideas and were well presented in this video. And really, having equipment hoisted by crane and then noticing it was not properly secured is not the best method.

Preston Ballentine says:

can i use this for my safety orientation if yes please tell me how to down load it

luke neilsen says:

gayest song ever

MRSketch09 says:

That bit at the end is freaking horrible.. even with the corny funny music. I had a nephew get killed like that. Of course it wasn't the exact same situation. But it did involve a brick like that…

.. I won't mock safety gear.

MRSketch09 says:

Oh man. I was laughing so hard as that guy made a get away.. on foot. haha..

Seth King says:


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