How to Take Your Osha 10 Hour Online Training Seminar in 10 MINUTES!

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In this video, I’ll show you how to skip the 10 hour lectures and get your certificate in ten minutes to save you some time. This bypass will only work on the specific website I’m using to get certified.

Osha Education Center LINK:

Please post any questions you may have on the comments below.


Jodie Doherty says:

Thank you so much for this….was told we needed this late last night for a job early this morning and it totally worked! Just for others who may be wondering, we didn't have to use Chrome, we used Firefox and it still worked. We were able to scoot through the modules but the main timer still wouldn't allow us to take the final exam until it counted down all the way. We basically left all modules open in individual tabs all night and in the morning it allowed us to breeze through the final and get the certificate. It saved a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen though. Again, THANK YOU for taking the time to show how to do this….it's appreciated!

GSD Yahl says:

still works, did this in less than 2 hours with timers, trick is open up many tabs so you can have all those different lessons going at once, in fact i was able to take the test before all the timers ran out, also you dont need to do the section quizzes just have the actualk sections run and then the final exam is only 20 questions.

Relentless Gaming says:

does this still work? even if done in canada?

Ginger Cesar says:

Will it not work since im using the careersafe online website?

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Do you need to take all the quizzes or can I just skip to the exam? I didn't take any quizzes, its also allowing me to take the exam and submit it right now.

frank moses says:

Can i still use this now? Because i need to have this done before Monday

victor manuel says:

Victor Cabrera I have an important question since u finished this test,

Ale garza says:

Does anyone know where I can buy it ? Or have someone do it for me ???

Jansen Lee says:

Super helpful. I had 2 links in my footer area. The second one allowed me to modify the URL to jump forward. After every quiz, I would just kill the page and go back to the link. I had to do the quizzes sequentially in order to get to the final test. **I chose this method after sitting through the first 10 hours over 2 different days and not even being halfway through. I didn't have to wait out on the timer on each instructional. It may be because I had already satisfied about 10 hours on the training modules.

Juan Avila says:

do I have to be the 10 hours entirely to be able to do this because when ever I tried to change the page it tell me that I need to waiton the time so it really does not let me ?:(

Alfonso de Jesus Cardenas Avila says:

bro I fuking love you!!

Siren Prince says:

I can't change the modules because the time requirements are not complete. I do everything you say up until copying the link, but it brings me to this page:

"Time requirements not complete
You must complete the time requirements for the previous module before you can begin the next module. The reading material is set to a specific time limit per state requirements and although some readers may finish the text before the allotted time has elapsed we ask that you review the material again until the time requirement has been met.

PLEASE NOTE – The timer will NOT continue its countdown until you leave this page and return to the course. Please click the “Return to Course” button now.

Time Remaining: 58 Minutes"

Do I have to wait out the timer?

Kathie Chiu says:

Nice!! 👍🏼

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