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Our partners at ITS Tactical gave us some of their ETA(Extremity Hemorrhage Tension Pneumothorax and Airway) Trauma kits to test and evaluate. Here’s a full walk through of the kit and our evaluation of the finished product.

Find it here:


Patriot Joy says:

Is this still your preferred ifak?

Marcos Guilherme says:

6:30 Wtf

justine turdois says:

Yeah, holy fuck. Was that like a real accident, that dude is fucking strong if he isn't screaming. Or is unconscious, great video. (Third time watching haha)

ray hanes says:

6:30. What. happened?

Kyle S says:

going shootin some friends again like 25 years ago.5:25

Mathias Laakkonen says:

Dude, I want that sweater.. It looks so damn comfy!

Zack Wagner says:

Really good pouch and kit. Got it for my gear.

Joe A. says:

I just bought another tall boy I love these have them set up everywhere cars, home and tact set up

Underground308 says:

Great kit. But guys, it goes without saying. This is an advanced level kit. Understand the components and when to use or not use them.

Radek Weglicki says:

Q: why is it no rip-off pouch?

Rosy says:

What do we have to do for just a dam pic of all your gear my god

john smuth says:

Neither are they quiet.

iluvmym4 says:

Yea well-you may end up being the 1st responder because your there & no one knows what to do! With mass shootings,drugs,car accidents & so on knowing what to do to save lives should be as important than knowing how to kill which could save lives as well

asmguides says:

The idea of a modified Trauma Kit for extreme end outdoor recreation:- ice climbing,
rockclimbing, mountaineering, guiding, instruction and or personal carry etc would be a worthy project.

wendapher says:

When your going shooting your friends??

MARKSMAN108 says:

Thank you very much and thank you for your service.

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