Liebherr – Simulations for maritime crane operator training

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Liebherr Simulations provides safe and cost-effective solutions for highly efficient crane operator training on mobile harbour cranes, offshore cranes, ship-to-shore cranes and rubber tyre gantry cranes.

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movieblogger tube says:

training institute are avalable are india..pls sir repaly this!!!

ubaid ullah says:

I'm terminal tractor operator

ubaid ullah says:

Please display contact number of Liebherr simulated training centre

ubaid ullah says:

it any training school in the U.A.E i want this training

S Kaynai says:

am work regar Kingdom towar jedda

jdrawles60509 says:

This would be an awesome game for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. I would be first in line to purchase it

Ashwani Raj says:

I want see more videos

Lance says:

Just went threw this class
I'm now making $67hr in Va
Working 50hrs a week

Tim Kelly says:

cool you should make it in to a simulation game called cran simulator 2015 just a thought

Mingo Fernandez says:

its any training school in the USA and where they are located.

Василий Скляров says:

А где так учат?

Koos Vingerhoets says:

Do we have a Simulation training center in the Netherlands?

Aleksey Andreev says:


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