Safety Basics: Personal Protective Equipment

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Volume 5 in Caterpillar’s Safety Basics video series, this 2007 video covers what is frequently the last line of defense between you and injury: personal protective equipment, or “PPE.”

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AJ LEE says:

Do u know 2,500 every 24 hours people's getting hurts of the whole war

Daniel Joseph Gueco says:

wala ng iba

Yaghoube Moustapha says:

its no daout ppe protect body and no body allowed to work without main ppe work thats good for himselves to stay alife and any work can done safely ((stay safe ) safety first and if any one work without ppe and get injred blame him selve no one eles

olnappy says:

Should PPE Vests be worn open or closed or does it matter? What about extreme outdoor heat?

Pius Joseph says:

Workers who really appreciate having the proper personal protective equipment are those who were wearing it when it was needed.

fani ali says:

good work on ppe

Darmesis says:

Love the part about the pee pee.

89jamster says:

why the fuck am i watching this on days off?

Cartoon3D says:

At least I found it, the most negative person on youtube.

Mrbaltimore2001 says:

Same here Bro! August of 2011, I was on a Boom Lift 40ft in the air, and a malfunction happen where the lift jolt upward a few feet really fast when the operator was trying to lower it. I ended up smacking head, with direct full force.

I was out of work for 3 weeks recovering from a concussion, had to be rush to the hospital, got a cat scan the following day, and had a eeg done on my brain.

That hard hat has been put into retirement, and is now a personal reminder to always wear my hard hat

TallLittleElf says:

In Iraq I was wearing my Kevlar (Combat Helmet) while in the gunners seat of my HMMWV, I kinda sat down into the cab of the vehicle we hit a bump and it knocked the armored turret hatch (a couple hundred pounds of solid steel) down onto my head. Which in turn dropped me onto the floor of the vehicle. Had I not been wearing my helmet, I probably wouldnt be hear typing this.

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