Condor Battle Belt and Trauma Kit Set-Up

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A look at the company Condor and it’s web gear. Also we talk about First-Aid kits and how they should be set up



Excellent review very professional, thanks for the tips, don't forget a tourniquet in your med bag. ..

Tim Lipinski says:

The most important item on your Tactical Belt is the Dump Pouch so the zombies do not follow ! And my Trauma Kit has an Umbrella Moral Patch… And for dangerous sports have a few Tourniquets ! tjl

Eduardo Rgm says:

I love Condor stuff too, have the same items as you, funny! thanks for sharing

Keith Hutchison says:

Need a tourniquet in your belt kit. Better than other items

Chris Bjorklund says:

So I'm new to this whole setup and I was wondering, does a tactical belt like slide through the battle belt???

Dan Humphreys says:

I'm assuming you have a prescription for the epipen? I can't figure out how to get one without. Is there another way?

TheBo0mer says:

Just before the 10 minute mark, in the black bag, you pointed to a trauma/pressure dressing and called it clot aid. Just making sure you know that the grey thing isn't quick clot, only a 6 inch pressure bandage. I figure you already know, but I'm just making sure. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting this Condor battle belt, too. The price can't be beat, and I like Condor stuff. The lower denier fabric is much lighter and it's still nice and strong. I have that tear-off EMT pouch, too and I'm in the market for a dump pouch, too. What size is the one you have here?

Polemides 00 says:

love the intro lick.

Trey Vonburg says:

I accidentally clicked on this, but when I heard the Tool intro, I stayed and watched.

Joshua Silva says:

That Lee Enfield in the background 😀

Hand OverFist says:

Ha! I like this guy. you're right on point sir!I hope the people watching this not only have this gear but take this very seriously!We ARE @ war folks, make no mistake about it. it's a silent war & soon….imo. you will see a real one….damn! sad & I hope I'm wrong….AND!  GET TO PREPP'N!

josh ketum says:

love the tool intro

timothy thomas says:

The site you named is down desert deuce

Павел Русский says:

Thank you, I really liked the review .Velikolepno all matched.

phil hall says:

where can I find out everything you should have in a grab 2nd person first aid kit for my plate carrier as I want to have one in case I need to use it in a case of a person needing medical aid until the ambulance arrives. 

cheers phil

BlackwolfRising says:

Subbed. I've been iffy about getting a condor belt, since most of their customers seem to be airsoft warriors wearing their rigs like shit sammichs. I do have a set of CATI ar500 plates and a mopc carrier and a tripple AK47 kangaroo pouch coming, which Im considering reviewing.

BlackwolfRising says:

Was digging that Tool intro for sure.


I feel like Condor & Voodoo are great brands too get you started because of cost effectiveness and then from there upgrade the gear to TYR Tactical, BLACKHAWK, Tactical Tailor or one of the other USA made brands.

AliasSLH says:

my serpa I dont use that overpriced mount, I took the belt mount and turned it sideways, only 2 screws holding it on but it aint going anywhere, Then I used plastic mod straps to secure it, it aint going anywhere and I have 2 rows of webbing free.

AliasSLH says:

I love my conderp gear, Im too poor to afford anything else.

Nick Messaris says:

We are made in a "vachina" everything else is made in china.

bigstabby says:

How do you secure the excess length on the rigger belt once you put it on? Since the excess of the rigger belt attaches to itself via velcro, do you just manage to slide it underneath the battle belt or something?

castolum says:

Amazing review. Would love to see a review of the condor quick release plate carrier, if possible.

All Ways Right says:

Great info.  I am doing my research for a belt. Thanks, Stay Safe

ultraclassic01hd says:

Great video, also spent a lot of time researching this stuff and came away with the Condor rigs and for the price and the money you just can not beat it. All the way from the stitching to the quality of the material you can not go wrong. For the price I just add something here or there and continue to build on what I have. Long live Condor. Thanks!

jimmy says:

what belt you need for use dat ? 

biblesnbarbells says:

Great review.  Thanks.  I am looking for a Battle Belt to set up similar to yours.  I am looking right now at one from US Grunt Gear.  I know Condor makes good ones as well.  Anthony.

NUTAC says:

True, but when seconds count if I can speed up the process it might save my life. Thanks!

Brandon Dockery says:

dont need your blood type, medics can test your blood at the CSH to see what you have.

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