Kemp Professional Trauma bag/EMS/EMT/PARAMEDIC BAG/First responder bag

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Here I review my first-in trauma bag. Its the Kemp professional trauma bag and is designed sorta for an ALS bag. Its been the bag I use as my trauma/edc/BLS ems bag in my car. Has all the BLS equipment needed for a general medical call. Though its set up as a trauma bag, it has resuscitation supplies, and other basics. From this kit I got hemorrhage supplies, isolation gear, external irrigation/flushing for wounds, bandaging and wound care, immobilization supplies, and assessment supplies. This bag has been through a lot of rough use, probably more than any other bag ive owned. its held up through it and fits my needs with organizing my bls responder stuff. Id recommend this bag to anyone in the prepping world to keep medical supplies and of course EMS/FIRE and even police.

Heres a listing of most of whats on here (Found on Amazon)
Bag in Blue-
Bag in Red-

-Top Section- 1:07
ADC Penlight-
Trauma shears-
Life hammer-
Mini Light (the one on the reel)

-Resuscitation compartment- 2:15
Cpr mask-
O2 Wrench/key

-Top Compartment- 3:00
Window Punch
IR Thermometer

-Main Lid (Hemorrhage supplies)- 4:10

Isolation type kit (vary)-
Dynastopper Pressure dressing

-Main Compartment- 4:40
Child BP cuff
Adult BP cuff
Penlight (disposable)
Med case
Adult BVM
Survival space blanket
Ice packs (new version of the model)

-Wound/dressing kit- 5:30
4×4 Gauze
3×3 gauze
5×9 abd pad
8×10 trauma pad
12×30 multi-trauma pad
eye pads
2″ bandage
4″ bandage
suture removal kit
non-stick pads

-Immobilization Compartment- 7:16
ACE wrap
Triangular Bandage
Transpore Tape
Cloth Tape
Paper Tape
Finger Splint
Alternate co flex (colors)

-Irrigation Compartment- 7:48
Saline 10cc
rite in the rain ems notepad

-Rear Compartment- 9:30
Burn Sheet
SAM splint
Alternate SAM splint (cheaper)

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mlgteenac says:

i let a camp borrow my medical kit for a horse and they basically just stole my stuff because they took an IV catheter and all of their stuff that would not be applicable and needed

Agustin Cisneros says:

excelente video, saludos desde mexico

William Essenpreis says:

Do you carry a bvm and or c-collar

Lima-uniform-India Sierra says:

please watch my vid on trauma bag

Kelly Ruddy says:

What's that?

The Stimpy says:

ohhhh its ur own bag that figures. cause looks like its never been to a single response before. Real medic bags don't look at all like that!!

Amir Grg says:

here's several ideas for surviving any situation

1. Have food stock:

2. Find a shelter:

3. Know the dangers:

(I read these and the reasons they work from Marla Survive System site )

Scott Gallaway says:

How does one get a hold of the red bag you keep your gauze and pads in.

finlay taylor says:

You Could of sounded a bit more happy

Patrick Star says:

Can like a person like me carry this I'm in search and rescue with the civil air patrol and I'm a ground team 3 member and I see stuff like this on amazon with all this and I'm also a safety officer at rocket club am I aloud to buy and use something like this if I'm certified but not a active paramedic

Paul West says:

what did bag and all/most of your supplies cost you?

GORGI's World says:

I like the paracord zippers, nice touch!

John Hurt says:

I hear Quick Clot and Isreali Bandages on all of these BUT yours didn't have it or you didn't say it if you have those. How come? I'm not knocking your bag, I'm soon becoming a volunteer EMS and I'm gonna make a bag like you did and since you're professional I'm wondering how come you didn't have that when others do.

Owensblogerat Life says:

How much did it cost for you to get it all done

kojikiro07 says:

I have spent months studying prepping and found a great resource at Survivor Crusher System (google it if you're interested)

Gunnar R. says:

Thumbs up for putting links to the contents 🙂

sam cooperman says:

If you are an emr does that mean you work with the rescue squad if you do how come you stocked it your self and payed for it your self . My cousin is a emr wilting with a volunteer department and he brings his bag into the supply room and stocks it for free

Victor Smith says:

I carry a bag about half that size I have enough to get 1 at the most 2 critical people help before the ambulance gets there but that's all I intended the bag for. keep them alive until they can get to the hospital or more definitive care.

We Lhyle says:

Why don't you have a c collar

Julia Lindström says:

Really like ur video 🙂 It inspired me, when i get older i want to work in an ambulance 😀

Emilie Fitzgerald says:

What do you carry for diabetes?

Jeffrey Mac says:

I'd replace your biohazard container with biohazard bags. Or just bags. They hold more than the box. That way you create more storage in that area. Your bag is awesome. You put a lot of work into the organization. Thanks for posting this video.

Nanda Nunes says:

I really enjoy this video
I am going to be a doctor in some years. This video is awesome. Congradulates from Brazil

bobster8000 says:

Do you have to buy all of the things in the bag yourself, or does the hospital supply a large portion of these things such as saline, bandages, etc. Sorry if this is a repeat question.

Kaimba Hamalwa says:

Drop ur email pls

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