OSHA Nightmares Compilation

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OSHA NIGHTMARES COMPILATION ►► The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is there to keep our workers safe on the job. Their sagely advice makes construction sites and jobs safe. And when they see these workers making risky, dangerous, and just dumb decisions, OSHA is gonna pull it’s own hair out.

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steven herrold says:

i yuost to know a osha inspector he was O C D a GERMAPHOBE AND A NEAT FREAK talk about a weird dude he would get pissed off over the stupidest things like a cigarette butt littering the ground on a construction sight let alone anything else and if you fart you would think someone was the worst kind of rude to his wife it was funny to watch him react to simple things that don't bother other people and his name was peter humpmire

Ronni Holt says:

OSHA is very big at my job too and I agree. OSHA would go nuts. Lol.

Skylar Klebold says:

I'm surprised these people aren't dead!

Devils girl Sukii The demon/killer says:

I'm sorry and all but ok I had to laugh at some of them lol…

William Conkle says:


Jake aka Remaggib says:

Most of these videos I've seen at least 4 or 5 times. Why would I 'like' this video?

supafuckinmingster says:

I love the part where the thing happens then the pain and the ouch and stuff!!

ignorant black ignorant black says:

everyone if you want to know a very disgusting company it is called Cato's food it is in Indianapolis Indiana over 95% of their employees do not have social security cards they work their employees up to 16 hours a day only one lunch break which is 30 minutes they have to clock out for a highly racist place the the company treat their employees like s*** only 2% of their employees speak English a very disgusting place to work for I know I work there today

GhostOfRhurValley 1945 says:

0:35 Bro that dude took off like SUPERMAN!

Jarin Johnson says:

this should be a how to get work mens comp-ilation

Daniel Halley says:


Austin Caplan says:

Person currently getting OSHA certified here, I thought all this damn training was just to raise the price but after watching this I understand why they make you learn so much…

Faded Jate says:

what was going on at 3:10?


why the last smiling guy don't go to resolve the problem if are so many smart?

Reid Flemming says:

2nd song on here is groovy as fuck

CanYouAffordYourFreedom says:

1:21, thats skill

ferna2294 says:

0:34 I want to try that NOW.

Listen Up says:

1:26 He clearly knew what he was doing… he was sitting on the only bit that didnt fall 😂😂

Spicy Spaghetti says:

Grab The Auto 5

Detomidine says:

It is now blinded and mad… lol

Greyjinx2000 _ says:

You didn't like the video. You have now angered the machine.

Dale The Meme says:

why he start squeaking at 3:40 ?

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