Ken Jeong AHA Hands-Only CPR video

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Ken Jeong suits up in new Stayin’ Alive video to promote Hands-Only CPR. Please visit for more information.


20th century fox youtube says:

so just push the chest like you know what you're doing? got it. better than nothing i guess.

Alison Bolnick says:

love this!!!!!

Marilyn Fanella says:

Loved it…thanks for sharing.

AmyJo No-Spill Revolution says:

Not impressed and pretty insulting overall…

spideraxis says:

You can also surf to the "Theme from Hawaii Five-O".

BikerChickNisey says:

This is a great video. The technique really works. We prefer Staying Alive over Another One Bites the Dust in our cardiology practice. Disco can save lives. Yes, Disco! Love it!

Valu DIY says:


Emily Negas says:

I don't like how the words are on their boobs

Woody Mahoney says:

Ken jeong is actually an MD

Mental Inks says:

Dafuk is that for real?.. D

thehoosierfortheUK says:

I'm sorry but I must say thy these two women are BEAUTIFUL!

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