ITS ETA Trauma Kit vs D.A.R.K. Gen 2

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A look at the ETA Tallboy Trauma Kit from Imminent Threat Solutions and the D.A.R.K. Gen 2 from Dark Angel Medical. Skip to 2:10 if you want to avoid the intro and my medical background. Both of these kits are very nice and are far better than the IFAKs I was issued from the Army. After seeing both up close I’m partial to the ITS kit even though it’s a bit more expensive and has some little things that I don’t really need (IE: pencil, casualty card, lubricating jelly). In reality you’re paying a bit for the pouch on both of these kits. If you have some alternate way of carrying your medical gear you can probably save a good deal by bypassing a pouch. Get a kit! Know what’s in it, where it is, and how to use it!

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Dark Angel Medical

Jones Tactical – Medical Shears Sheath


grouch314 says:

There'd be less of a price difference if you weren't paying 20 bucks for shears

Danger Close says:

Great video, and thanks for your service brother.

Navydoc86 says:

you dont need lube. if they need an NPA there is some blood somewhere to lube it up.

ArmaRes says:

Oral IV's are a shame. It's just water.

rjknuckles says:

424th MTD 2007-2008 "if you can't truck it, fuck it"

Michael Waterman says:

The israeli bandage can be used as a tourniquet, so that's probably why ITS ETA kit doesn't include a separate tourniquet. just sayin… peace

Jakob Kantor says:

Good video, very informational. Really helped me decide which to get. Thank you for your service.

Terry Pinion says:

you did a good job reviewing both kits…their are always haters not sure why..thank you for doing the video its important for anyone who carries a firearm to also have a medkit in the event of a shooting the police will not allow emts into the scene until its declared clear that can take time

Jesus says:

Coyote Tactical Solutions med kits all the way. That > these

Rusty Shackleford says:

I'm surprised that ITS charges as much as they do and it doesn't come with a TQ or Shears.

Chris Miller says:

I was with the 424 MTD attached to the army transportation battalion out of arifjan in Kuwait. Same job but I'm Air Force.

Good review by the way

Josue Barcenas says:

where can i find good info on training?

Kilo9 says:

ITS looks Great if you mount in front where you can see things. I currently run my blowout kits on my hip or lower back most of the time. For me, using the DARK works better since I dump out everything into my work space and grab what I need. Everything gets wrapped in the HALO and you can use a piece of tape if you want to insure nothing falls out during the grab. Downside is you then have to keep track of the pieces and if you need to move in a hurry you can waste valuable seconds (or sh*t can get lost as you move around the patient). I have also changed over from CATS to RATS tourniquets, which saves space. That being said, I am ordering the ITS Medical Insert (planning on trying to stuff it inside the DARK) to see of I can get the best of both worlds. YMMV…

fullporaport says:

Oral I/V are a scam dude !

For me as a nurse I prefer the fatboy ITS tactical. So much space, I can pack a lot more stuff. On one side I have a tourniquet in a ziploc bag cover by the ITS tactical side pouch. On other side I have a IPS by agelite gear.

blunismo1 says:

Chinook med has a couple good kits as well. I have one of theirs also.

Louis Roman says:

FYI…Just watched your video review.  As a 38yr Paramedic/TEMS, I would not recommend anyone using the needle decompression kit without ongoing training & Paramedic or higher certification operating under legal medical control in the US (An MD who authorizes its use).  You may be charged with a crime in many states as practices medicine without a license.  

FFEMTB08 says:

Y'all are being ripped off buying these, so much to the point that I'm laughing. Need to check out SkinnyMedic. Much higher quality, more gear for a much cheaper price.

AirCav24 says:

I just got my DARK Gen III last week.  The kit now includes both the roll of compressed Kerlex gauze and they have added a Mylar space blanket for the treatment of shock.  The military version of the kit contains an ARS Decompression needle.  I think it should also be noted that the DARK contents come in a resealable zip style vacuum packed bag.  The military kit now sells for 164.95 and you can choose the optional upgrade for the SOFTT-W, vented chest seals and "Rib Shears". 

Edward Van Natta says:

i am looking for more Information .Find one of these and much are they ! back me soon! 

Ryan James Baliza says:

Thanks for sharing. I graduated from CLSC just two days ago (finished top of my class!), courtesy of the US Army Guam National Guard. I was wondering if there's an update on the contents of either of these kits? 

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