Officer Safety Training

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I created this for an officer safety class I had given. It starts out with police radio traffic with officers attempting to serve a warrant. Well it all goes south and shots are fired. Then the slide show begins with Amazing Grace on bagpipes being played in the background. The Slide show show pictures from police officers funerals. Very moving
Suggested use…Have students sit in darkened room, have them close eyes and think about the people they love the most going about their daily activities, start video. At the point in the video where shots are fired, fire blanks or make very loud noises to simulate gun fire. allow video to proceed to its conclusion.


Luke wise says:

very moving. I am in the Police Academy now and this video is great. Reminds you why we do this job.

Jackson Cave says:

Omfg such a touching video

piry24 says:

@purposeo well said,also if there is anything in plain view it gives you a lawful reason to be at the place, in other words to enter.

Nigainthefridge says:

That gang member is a ass hole

masterchiefjoe says:

a my father is a former police LT in the force and he alomst lost his life im thankfull to all of the officers who risk there lives to help ours and the fallen

compaq2441 says:

Michael E. Garbarino EOW 05-17-06

berner says:

Will we ever see a world without gang bangers? I'd love to, but we probably won't since Hollywood and the music industry help to glorify the gang banger image.

Maybe we should all just start calling them "groups". That might help take some of the pride out of them.

funstuff96 says:

to all those who serve thank you. until i saw this i did not think that many officers die in the line of duty each year

Chelsea Bullock says:

That was very touching. I play the taps for military and police funerals,and I am also the wife of a police officer and I love him very much, and cover him in prayer everyday, because I never know what dangers he, or his fellow officers are going to face that day. I love them ALL!!!

xxBadgeBunnyxx says:

Wow…that was something else. 6:05 gave me chills. And 8:11…my dad is an officer, and part of the Emerald Society, and he plays at L.E.O. funerals, I have seen that bastard bar too many times. God love all of them…

54spiritedwill54 says:

simply incredible

Eric W says:

Really great video. God bless every officer.

oshtoolman says:

Tears and memories. 25 years of law enforcement and the most difficult job I have ever had was being a pallbearer at a brother officers funeral. Thanks for the post. Great reminder that we need to go home in the same shape that we arrived in at work.

gmania69 says:

God Speed. RIP. To all others…stay safe.

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