Stupidity At The Workplace… (Bad & funny habits on the job – death and injury factors at work)

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A slideshow presentation of workplace and worker stupidity.
Dangerous scenes, activities and potentials…
Humans, machines… chances for injury and death.
Some are pretty funny, some incredibly stupid, all are avoidable.

Be safe out there!
Enjoy the smile…


* * says:

this is why mother nature send cyclones and meteorites and shit after us.

jay nitro says:

that suppose to be music

Jorge J Noguera says:

God. When I think back upon my teenage years I have to wonder how I made it to 61. I remember using milk crates to hold up a car while I worked under it. Myself and my hot rodding, grease monkey friends (I predate the term motorhead) routinely took our lives in our hands. Surprisingly, most of our losses, 8 altogether, were due to job related or traffic accidents. Only one died from unsafe actions when his car, with his wife pumping the brakes, fell on his head when a floor jack slipped. Another died 2 weeks after taking a ride on the Devil's Slide on the Coast Highway US 1, in CA while riding a low powered motor bike. A third sustained extensive brain trauma after he quarreled with his parents and rode off on a motorcycle. He lost control of the bike crossing rail road tracks and was thrown from the bike into a high curb. The bike followed him and landed on top of him. He was an impressive mechanic before his accident. Now he can barely see someone standing 5 ft away. Such a waste.

Agent_Blackwing says:

We'll OSHA where I love to get a job that you use heavy machinery and power tools I will need to get certified through OSHA.

Bill Meirs says:

Two ways to get a job done..the dumb way or the TEAMSTERS WAY!!!

Jesse Mitchell says:

be safe people. just remember its more important to be safe than feed your family and pay the bills.

mOejOe33 says:

Mexican Ingenuity at it's finest. Actually, Latin America Ingenuity at it's finest. Andale

digitalradiohacker says:

The line between youtube and photobucket becomes more and more blurred everyday.

James Heimbach says:

Safety is never Job #1. If it were nothing would ever get done.

Uh excuseme# says:

Fuckin horrible song smh

Joe Langel says:

all for a dollar an hour

Rocket Man says:

a big fat dislike for this one. safety is good to no. but these dayz its fucked I work in construction residential civil all that and nothing gives me the shits more than when you have someone telling you how to do your job safely when theyve never worked themselves worst yet their job is easier yet they are on the same or more money then the fuckin workers and more than half the time they just talk about how great they think they are show a couple gay videos like this one then give everyone the answers to the test witch makes the whole thing pointless. no shit I've met a dr. with less brains he had more money but less brains and didn't put his body threw hell.

Johnny Bender says:

2:51 – Genius!

Kevin Dallas says:

How can anyone "dislike" video like this? It educates in a hilarious way. What more could you ask? Trolls, I guess.


nice montage, enjoyed it

Dixon Cider says:

they actually show the welding one in my safety classes.

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