Important Safety Tips To Survive a Campus Shooting

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The most important lesson students ever learn in class may be how to survive a campus shooting. Security expert Bill Stanton is showing Inside Edition how using furniture to make a barricade can keep a gunman out of a classroom. If there is a chan…


Kevin Rivas says:

that girl in the skirt is no help lmao

Caelie Cat says:

what if you have a knife? e.g:swiss army knife can you stab them?

KᗩᗯᗩII ᑭOTᗩTO says:

0:15 when ive done something wrong and my mam knows that it was me i be like:

Analinda toh says:

the flying dustbin 😂😂😂

Jeremiah Simpkins says:

best way to stop shooter is throw trashcan at them

Talia Ybarra says:

Guys a trash can could protect a big group of people

Caleb D. says:

When I put this on Reddit, specifically the trash can part.

Cutie Blue ISA says:

He threw a trash can

Jasmine Ngo says:

I love how at 0:10 a kid threw a trash can


If a gun man enters a classroom use something as a weapon . Use trash can to stop it

Artie Cake says:

I like part where everyone throws stuff at the guy

Life As jasmine says:

"And we're gonna be quiet" as he screams

golden guanyu says:

zigzag like that someone will get shot ,lol ,just who

zecheriah vassar says:

"use cover something that will stop a bullet"
nothing in a school is bullet proof those bullets will go through like a hot knife going through butter

Maphie2006 says:

So I'm in 5th and my band teacher told us if he or she got on "CHARGE!!!!!"

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