All About Traffic Signs

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This is a video I created for a project for school. It is a book trailer for the book I wrote called “All About Traffic Signs.”


danielj rey says:

I youst to watch this when ias 4

Grieve Graves says:

so you're saying there's signs everywhere?

Mike Rogers says:

This is a terrible video. I still have no clue what traffic signs are for.

bledzone231 says:

i like the stop sign

LightBlueIsMySignature says:

I love traffic signs!

Amanya Rashid says:

It's a squeaker everyone!

Fareed Ahmed says:

I know all this but not all how much I know I'm telling how much I don't know I'm not telling

hansen666 says:

I love this vid,cartoons to tell u stuff is way better,,,lol

Desertsniper15 says:

I like to lay under my bed and pretend im a carrot.

Your Average YouTube Commenter says:

pause video at 0:02 start cracking up then resume LOL

CheyOfSF says:

i haven't learned shit

ichthus10 says:

Lol, y'all are too funny!

Natylixious C says:

Still dont get why i saw the whole thing but something is for sure this is the most annoying way to learn about traffic signs!!!

Mercie Goodloe says:

wtf is wrong wit me, i watched the whole thing.

ichthus10 says:

Well, it got me an A in the class!!

koriethegiraffe says:

and yet i continued to watch the whole thing.

ps3LovER937 says:

I felt like a pre-schooler back in the day when I watched this. Ahh those was the good days

Brian Mata says:

wtf am i watching?

Jeca says:

Other promoting video, sorry but didn't help in nothing…

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