Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection

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Shova SS says:

It is very helpful video and I say thank you to Federal Safety Solutions. In the video are so many good facts . I hope you guys watching it……..

Mark Schmidt says:

Good vid but what gives with the thumping rave techno beat? Pass the Ecstasy and glow sticks around before watching.

Mirza Baig says:

it is very informative every body must have seen once.

H.S .J says:

Upon questioning an exit route obstruction placed by the venue occupier, I was told it was perfectly legal. I know it is not, because the exits are marked as emergency exits and exits both, the doors lead to a route which in this case is an open stairway which leads to the street level open area away from the building. Stairways on both ends of the route are sealed with a large netting completely enclosing the stairway. The reasoning behind that obstruction is that in a case of emergency evacuees will be able to displace the obstruction to gain access. Not to mention leaving behind a 6 meter long trip hazard at the bottom of the stairs!! Just simply mind numbing!!

Pop Mcnabb says:


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