bob marley slogans

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bob marley slogans


Carolina Galvis Rodriguez says:

2017……..sigue latente….

Music and life says:

This guy stole this song from Justin Bieber

Raul Valadez says:


432Hz Music says:


432Hz Music says:


Geronimo Featherhawk says:

Why isn't this on iTunes????

jim reuss says:

this song and the images from the video always reduce me to tears. I wish Bob were still alive!

Daniel Littman says:

At :26 after Bob sings "Can't Take Your Slogans No More" we see the flag of Zimbabwe. At about :46, as he sings "Wipe Out The Paintings Of slogans" we see the shadows of signs held by MLK and other civil rights marchers. At :51 he sings "Wipe out the paintings of slogans" as we see marchers carrying images of Nelson Mandela. Are these images slogans? If they are, do you think they match what Bob sings about as we see them? Why did you match these images with these lyrics?

Juggernaut Joe says:

Great song and well remixed! The lyrics is just as usefull and correct in 2016 as in 1980.

Kal-El says:

There's an interesting story behing this song. "Slogans" is a remixed version of a song Marley was in the midst of composing in 1980, but was scrapped due to his death. It remained unfinished & unreleased until 24 years after his death. with the help of members of the Wailers, & other various artists, the song was overdubbed to make it sound like a TRUE complete Bob Marley song. Eric Clapton played lead guitar on this song, "even though to me it sounds more like Bob Marley's own guitar players" the song was released in 2005 and was & still is considered respectful by many longtime Bob Marley fans, including myself. LASTLY the chord sequence, bassline & riff of the song resembles that of No Woman No Cry.

Chaandi says:

Videos are not available anymore?.? What's goin on????

_YooJayy _ says:

I See Boarders And Barriers..

_YooJayy _ says:

Can't Take Ya Slogans No More.. No More Sweet Talk, From A Pulpit

David Snake Doe says:

Bob Marley will live forever in my heart, in the heart of those who love him.

I miss you Uncle Bob!!!

Thanks for having visited planet Earth, you really improved our lives!!!

Gérard Le corre says:

merci pour tout Monsieur BOB MARLEY

Glen AClimbMax says:

One love irie irie, bless you Bob Marley !

Alatif Boney says:

Why plenty ppl are still strogle in middle East, missing you Mr Nesta Marley

Alejandro Florín Cortela says:

Vos gritás NO LOGO? Can't take your slogans no more

Alexander Montoto says:

True omg is the best .rastafariiii

Moises Soto says:

"No Hay palabras en absoluto, que describan a Bob"

Jack Guarriello says:

Bob vive <3

Gustavo Grossi says:

its like he saw whats happening now

Hazarat Khan says:

How we need a pioneering man of Marleys status today, pointing out our troubles no more. Fulfill the book I guess, I just don't know why we have to go thru what we go thru with this world. His music is alive today, yet so many people know not the meaning of his music, that truly is a sad feeling to know. Im raising my kids to know the truth Marley proclaims and I am proud to know it, Jah

sthefanny santos says:

As palavras que um dia bob falou em entrevistas muitas "coisas está acontecento e muitas ainda iam acontecer" póliticos só enriquecendo e a população sofrendo.

Gustavo Grossi says:

no more sweet talk from a pulpit

Gustavo Grossi says:

so true my brother stay safe

YardMusician says:

great video almost had me crying, but only tears of joy that the world has known and know such a man as Bob marley. its 2013 now and I still and always will listen to Bob Marleys messages. love ya'll.

Adan Ramirez says:

yeah!!! stop the fucking voilence!!!! Go rastafari!!!

Da Ghama says:


abshir mahamud says:

you start no ask….END

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