Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant

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Southwest flight attendant delivers hilarious PA


Endrias Alemayehu says:

Here because of Amazing Race Season 28

Foofy says:

I just flew and met her

Andrew Malaeulu says:

she's so funny!
i love her personality.
dang im jealous that i didn't fly with these fun people.

XAly WolfX says:

A hahahahah!!!!!😂😂😂

Zion Fisher says:

Omg I wanna go on dat flight! Where da fuck is it?!?!

awesome daisy XX says:

That is hilarious 😂

johny rode says:

There are few methods you may know attractive offers by dialling Southwest Airlines Booking Number 1-844-313-7010.

Ologyny Official says:

This is unfortunately the only good thing about SouthWest, the flight attendants, and pilots, make the flight enjoyable with their humor.

Jason Anderson says:

why can't all airlines have this type of comedy

lilias cowan says:

Just watched this on uk tv and thought you were hilarious well done great way to help passengers relax on a flight 👍

ZeXity says:


Mr. Swordfish says:

United be like: 'No comment'

Erin Nelson says:

"If you're flying with small children.. I'm sorry" lol and so is the person next to you!

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