working at height hazards

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learing points,
This tow indians working at height one of projects ,, take a look close of them , the way of they moving and status of scaffold.

This is way pepole died veryday , please share with your comments.


Ronald Ballentine says:

The only way to change things fine the contractors pull there license Forever, Hire Only Union Contractors.

scaff best says:

what a pos rolling scaffold

bouybouy95 says:

The name of the machine is "electric hoist".

Alan Ng says:

These 2 workers totally ignore the safely regulation working at height. Arent they not brief before work? Are they trained in WAH?

Nur Hazreen says:

what the name of machine???

Terry Golden says:

Yeah , i can see that .. but what the use if wearing hanerss don't apply while you working, as you said , mentalitly must change , thanks for your comment hassan

MrHassancehef says:

they get a harness but they don't use it, fall protection isn't only a money question, anywhere it was the same thing, a new way of work is necessary, mentallity must change!

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