Guy gives CPR to dog and saves the dogs life AMAZING!!

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Guy gives CPR to dog and saves the dogs life AMAZING!!


Swift Melodyy says:

The guys says "keep her down" so she just chokes her dog to the ground😂😂 she really can't control herself can she

James Liscombe says:

Sugar sugar…. do do oh honey honey

Luke Byrd says:

and then it got hit by a car.

Robert Ward says:

I would of been the same exact way just a lot less annoying

Mosa Faye says:

hard lesson: don't use chokers

steven the rc king says:

that do is probably like WTF is going on

dean thompson says:

I just had to resuscitate my 10 year old English bull terrier after chocking on a beef burger thanks to you people my dog is alive he bit me in the process of trying to get the 2"by4" burger out of he's 2" throat and then stoped breathing i managed to get the rest out then start resuscitation I really can't thank you enough if I hadn't seen this my soul friend would not be here sleeping next to me resting and also want to put out there never leave your dog unsupervised when eating something tough to chew no matter what

Doge Sempai says:

People ask me who I would save if a dog and a human were drowning, I'd rather have a new pet than end up on the back of a milk carton. Never trust strangers.

Marc Be Hoopin says:

omg woman shut up

Luka B says:

20 sec into the video and I understand why that dog had a heartattack in the first place.

jivi says:

my dog died
while her eyes is open

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