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Quickly and cost-effectively share video training across your organization with our new CoastalFlix™ video streaming solution! CoastalFlix™ Video Bytes are two- to four-minute video clips that each cover a complete learning objective — making them the perfect solution for meeting openers, safety contacts, or to reinforce key learning points.

Use this free “Causes of Slips and Trips” Video Byte to show employees how and why slips and trips can occur in the workplace.

Related Video Bytes include:

Workplace Design Solutions for Slips and Trips
– Examine how you can design your workplace in such a way as to prevent slips and trips.

Cleaning Up to Avoid Slips and Trips
– Take the necessary measures to clean up and help prevent slips and trips in your facility.

Eye and Face Protection
– Understand the various PPE for eye and face protection and identify where to look for damage.

The Warning Signs of Back Injuries
– See how to recognize and manage back injuries before they get worse.

Visit CoastalFlix™ to find these and other safety training videos on demand!

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