Deadly Construction Scaffolding Mistakes

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While standing on a scaffold at a height of 10ft or higher, OSHA has several requirements to reduce the risk of workers falling down and prevent accidents that could easily end in death. This demonstration can help as a reminder for you and your employees to act proactive and stay safe at all times.

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David Schne says:

Doubt he was a Jew or a Mexican…

ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

A friend of mine died from a 10 foot fall.

Ryan W says:

but the nice safety equipment costs money.. companies don't want to fork over cash for better and safer equipment. even if it will speed up production..

bobbg says:

Question? what good is a safety harness if its only on you and not attached to anything?

Common sense, OH I can do it!……… No you might do it once twice but its that 5 try and you will fall. If your going to do somthing dumb like this, at least put on a safety harness attached to somthing, and have the other guy do the same thing. your fall could knock his ass off the scaffold too and kill both of you.

This could have been done with scaffolding, but they needed more of it. Don't bid jobs you don't have tools to do unless you can rent or buy them.

irishslave51 says:

You are just a cheap buster brown POS… equipment costs in some cases more than you make in a year……..cheaper to risk your death than buck up………if you die I have Insurance and Lawyers…..and if you piss hot or they find drugs in your system…I'm off the hook

patient ceriq Tenekeng says:

the verification of the scafolding is very important before stating the job

Letocetum sulley says:

I'm now in my 50's and I remember a time before Health and Safety there was a thing called "Common Sense" seems these days one has to be taught rather than be born by instinct….. I blame Superman personally, No I don't believe a man can fly…!
Hands on top rung every time… never any higher in any situation, Common sense dictates…!

Lakeside-Hire says:

People do take some crazy chances when they work at height.

stoovidular says:

i currently work for a company that supposedly has a policy of no tie offs when building a scaffold.  i was up on the top decks from frame one up to the tenth one – 60' in the air.  talk about a death waiting to happen.  especially when leaning over the edge guiding the rope wheel with scaffold pieces then pulling them up.  i can't believe i risked my life for them. its union, too.

hearts76100 says:

Think that guy must have landed on his head!

jose jimenez says:

Do i have to use doble hook on my harnees to climb to 12' plataform on a rolling scalfold?

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