Most Hilarious Warning & Safety Signs Ever

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Whether they’re telling us the bridge is out or to beware of a dog, caution signs are there to help us. While these are definitely ridiculous, it doesn’t mean we should ignore their warnings. Here are some of the most hilarious warning and safety signs ever seen.

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Verónica Proenza says:


XX25 says:

I liked the evacuation plan in the emergency plan lol like if you did too

Tricky Flame says:

2:05 The only word I saw was "BLEACH"

2Da Loo says:

The first one…

Leo Valdez at his finest 👌

Jose De Jesus Gonzalez Jr says:

what is the songs name?

murid sekolah says:

how to stand on wall ^^^^^_^

joaquin Velazquez says:

danger ninjas…
and pirates…
and lazers…
and shit…

random oniome says:

actually for 2:16 there is a difference between garbage and trash

Epicgirlygirl X says:

I once saw a sign saying 'sign not in use'
why put it up then?

Sophie Sparkle Star says:

they look fake..

yarly says:

OMG there so funny

Yaqeen ALsabbagh says:

Have you ever seen a comment with 1k likes and wish you wrote it.

I always go

( ._.) Damn
< | |>
| |

Catgirl 4406 says:


jinggo78 says:

1:03 For Parkour experts.
1:34 "I did it. When do I get my money? #payback"
2:14 There's a difference? I wonder who enforces that.
3:05 I had a question but I think I'll just use Google instead thanks.
3:35 I climbed the last lion it was fine.
3:47 This happened on South Park I think
4:47 Clerk: May I help you? | Customer: Yeah this one doesn't quite fit. Do they come in a larger size?
6:38 Hey nice sticker dumb ass lolz

Kawaii Love says:

children left unattended will be sold to the circus

wtf XD

Andress 3 says:

DANGER:ninjas and pirates and lasers and shit😂

Cooper Kann says:

the musike sukt

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