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About this Video:
Hi guys, we need your help! Rather than spending weeks trying to come up with a unique logo and slogan for our website and youtube channel, we thought we’d run a contest to see what YOU can come up with.
This is what we’re looking for: Our slogan and logo need to be focused on safety, education, and having fun while shooting in your backyard.
We’re going to give away 2 airguns from Rick’s collection which he will customize and setup.
Submit your ideas to us at
We’ll post a video showing what the winners will receive as soon as Rick has them ready to go.
Be sure to visit to get all the rules and restrictions.
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About Backyard Shooting.
I moved to the States from South Africa in 2001 and I knew nothing about firearms and had never even heard of airguns. The only thing I knew about guns was that I was afraid of them. With my husband Rick’s encouragement and instruction I learned that I didn’t have to be afraid of guns, I simply needed to be educated in proper gun etiquette and safety. The key to me getting over my fear of guns was actually handling and shooting a variety of guns. With traditional firearms this means a trip to a shooting range and frankly a lot of time and money. In 2005 Rick introduced me to airguns, which changed everything!
Firearms are a foundation of the American way of life. With the proper tools and information most people can have some sort of a range in their backyard, that will allow them the trigger time to build confidence and proper gun handling techniques. Our goal is to help people make the most of their investment by demonstrating products that can help make gun ownership affordable and accessible to all those who would like to get out and do some shooting. As always, safety first! For more information visit:


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