Low Drag, No Snag Trauma Kits

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Sensible Prepper Presents: Coyote Tactical Solutions Trauma Kit Review. Offering 2 choices, the MMK (Modular Mission Kit) and RAK (Rapid Action Kit) pouches, these are top quality trauma kits that could save your life or the lives of loved ones.

Coyote Tactical Solutions Website: http://www.coyotetacticalsolutions.com/

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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Michael St.James says:

Way overpriced!

JefgoforPez says:

this dude is a fucking nerd, this video is close to larping and watches too much end of the world shit.

Kevin M says:

Good stuff but this is an IFAK, not a trauma kit. Everyone should have an IFAK, it's to be used on you by someone else. A trauma kit is another item that should contain multiple items to be used as needed by trained personnel.

Eric kyle says:

I sall this a while back but I did not really have a place for it. But I recently purchased a Condor Brief case and im going to completely replace one of the molly side pouches with this.

spankyspankworth says:

hey man, local fan here. i see people have noted how the kit is a bit over priced. but i just wanted to say i put together a similar kit last week with a $20 rip away emt pouch from condor on amazon, an "expiring" usgi ifak refill kit on ebay for $50, a first aid kit from northbound train on amazon for $25, and chest wound seal for like $15 on amazon/ebay. $110 gave me a HUGE kit and an extra pair of legit trauma shears with an extra pack. i spent some time finding the best deal right now so i hope this helps somebody out.

GeordieBiker422 says:

what the fuck was that intro lol. Funniest shit ive seen in a long time.

Lori Burnip says:

That is so expensive! My trauma kit has more than that & didn't cost nearly as much, however I don't have those dressings for chest wounds. Need to look into that.

Joshua Kamber says:

Seems pretty expensive for what comes with it. How would you compare it to AR500 Armor Tactical EPIK (IFAK)??

Matt Smith says:

Not really that much for the price. I'm a paramedic and there is some good things but it's not enough.

Horrid4Splendor says:

Physical therapy Thera- Band is similar to the elastic SWAT T,  Bullet wounds usually have entry and exit,  entry usually has minimal bleeding,  the exit wound has higher chance of blood loss, hopefully an artery is not lacerated. Celox is shellfish based, that has no potential for allergy due to processing.  One for entry and one for exit wound. Gorilla tape, or 100 MPH tape can be used as a band aid and steri strip butterfly closure for a laceration while in the field.  100 MPH tape, also for a wart, since the glue stimulates local antibody aggregation. Cutting the bottom of field pants off, can be a hasty sling. A folded penthouse magazine can be used as a ulnar or radial forearm splint. Many inexpensive options, An AR hand grip can be used as a Tib-Fib splint,  An AR 20 round mag is suitable as a hasty wrist splint. A card board MRE  case can be cut for a hasty cervical collar. Knowing what to use, minimizes individual items and weight.

Mark F. Grimsley says:

Can anyone tell me what type of kydex holster Sootch is running at :36 & 12:10?

Cole Graves says:

im looking for a broad spectrum kit for dirtbike/ outdoor trips does anyone have any ideas for a premade kit that could cover severe bleeding through broken bones?

deviss42 says:

the cat at the end was getting ready to attack until it noticed the med kits and realized it would be a wasted effort…

H Paskell says:

From the perspective of a Tactical Medic and Paramedic, I would suggest attending a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course to learn more about initial care for GSW and blast injury treatment and care. The 3 preventable cause of battlefield death are massive hemorrhage (bleeding out), tension pneumothorax (air accumulation within the chest wall), and airway obstruction (blockage of the mouth or nasal passages due to blood, tissue, or direct injury). Incorrect or inappropriate treatment can be just as detrimental as no treatment!! Additionally in a Court of Law, "I saw it on YouTube" will not work as a defense if what you did lead to additional harm or death to the person you were trying to save.

first name1234 says:

building an IFAK that is consistent with your medical knowledge is essential to any EDC/tactical kit. As any kit more affordable units are available. I recommend a fox or, halo chest seal. simple pieces of kit that make a big difference in a time is life situation.

Doug Kidwell says:

Way over priced!!

rich white kid says:

i just build my own kits and they are allot better

Draco Ryu says:

I have three different first aid kits. And a recent event made me realize that one of them is worthless (coleman first aid kit) for anything except scratches. And to my knowledge it was the only one with me at the time. But looking back on it I don't think any IFAK, trauma kit, etc would have been useful in that situation, only an ambulance would and did have the equipment for what happened. To my knowledge, which was up until the paramedics left, everything was ok and would end well. I go to look for something in my car later that day and find one of my other IFAK/first aid kits was in there.

Gerwin Steenbergen says:

Even more important than survival or SHTF training is medical training.

Masterg Samuraixmen says:

this guy is such a wanna be

John Smith says:

what do you feel is better the AR500 Tactical EPIK or this one?

MajorC202 says:

Great respect for Sootch, but those kits are way overpriced.

phroz3n says:

oh my god this guy is such a goof. that intro had me in stitches.

progaming network says:

the intro is cheesy

James Martin says:

Thing I don't like about the zippers, they rattle so much in the field. I had to tape mine up.

This my trauma kit:
Face mask for CPR,4x gloves, plastic bags,tape,2xquiclot,SWAT Tourniquet, x2wound dressing,ACE Bandage,X2Combine dressing,Space blanket,EMT Shears.

The I have a first aid kit in my pack for more minor injuries.

Sher mane says:

cool vid,might wanna get rid of the big red bullseye on the IFAK,and go muted.

Peter Vermeeren says:

If one were to get fatter, you could carry more on your belt….

buzzsaw161 says:

tourniquet on the outside maybe?

Daniel Wallace says:

Looks like a great kit and all, but unless your and EMR, EMT, or higher and have professional training dont try putting the in NPA (nasal pharyngeal airway). If done incorrectly you could possibly kill your patient. DONT DO IT

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