Thank God you’re here – safety officers

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The thank God you’re here guy’s have a comical look at safety.


h.h Quality says:

Possible foreign references in occupational safety and health in school

mouseymousey02 says:

FYI, this is from an improvised comedy show. The guy playing the "supervisor" had no idea what he would see, the others are actors with a script.

WARTOG says:

ouhlalaaaaaa c'est verry drole tout sa

Scot Team says:

love the Aussies …..

SovetskyCCCP says:

Comedy gold

Matthew Zhang says:

Funny… but cannot fully understand the Australian accent…

Tony Cooper says:

I like very much, a good way to get a message over.

Danny OD Tee says:

Safety has gotten way out of hand. Time to tone it down a little.

Beryl Price says:

Was this made in India ???

Hương Nguyễn Thị says:

Can I have the conversation in the video? thanks,

Adelaide baggie says:

very good. And very serious. If humour saves a young person's or any person's life meaning he/she gets home that day to their family/friends/themselves rather than the morgue, then this is so important.

Bomb Diggity says:

Love it! Awesome video! Can't wait to watch what else you guys come out with.


Helf and safety can suck me cook

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