MXR GT-OD overdrive pedal clarity & dynamic TEST (CSP-021)

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Better ovedrive i ever tried. It play almost identical (i’ll post soon a comparation) to the bundled analog overdrive in the Nova System of TC Electronics. It is an evolution of the original Tube Screamer, and has more gain and an aggressive tone. On the other side it has an incredible clarity and a deep dynamic, as you can ear, and with volume of guitar and touch you can go from a quite clean from a heavy overdriven tone. All knob are at midnight, and the amp is an emulated Vox AC30 into a Pod XT Live on USB recording. Guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 812V with stock pickups. Message me for info.


vasostach666 says:

@arnoldtheduck PGS sucks:D, this guy told me all I needed to know, I can get more information only by trying this pedal myself… and he sure knows some licks 😉

Departed Productions says:

I picked one of these up today 🙂

soundwrks says:

Sounds HOT.

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